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Cover Expenses You May Have Forgotten About.

Burial insurance is often confused with a prepaid funeral, but there are a few key differences between the two plans.  Prepaid funerals are funded directly through the funeral home of your choice while funeral insurance is bought through an insurance agency. With prepaying for a funeral, you can only use that particular funeral home, with burial policies you can use whichever location works best. The beneficiary of the burial insurance plan can use the payout to cover any expenses necessary, but a prepaid funeral can overpay for the cost of the burial and related expenses. Many people choose to go with a burial policy instead of a prepaid funeral just in case there are any expenses they may have forgotten about.



Making sure your family has the money to cover all of your funeral expenses is the last gift you will give to them, showing how much you care for their financial well being. Burial insurance is easy to apply for, easy to be accepted, and affordable for just about every family. Receiving a quote only takes a few minutes. Don’t wait any longer to give your family the peace of mind that they need and you want.